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Pottery and Ceramics

Goudies Lane

Screenprinting, prints, tattoo art

Halls Lane

Vintage goods, handmade art of all mediums

Uptown Waterloo TBD

Fashion, designers, jewelry

Laurel Lane (across from Uptown Square)

Handmade art of all mediums, florals, tea/coffee, bakeries, performances

Schneider Haus National Historic Site

Alcohol, food, beverages

All festival locations

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Everyone is invited

Whether you have been a market vendor for years, are an experienced artist, or you are just starting out, we want people of diverse backgrounds and skillsets to come on out and explore the amazing-ness that KW has to offers.

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What is KWFamous?

We’re on a mission to bring pride and a sense of belonging to the community through merch and events (such as the Winter Patio Party and Roller Disco) by highlighting creatives and small businesses in KW. Let’s make meaningful community happen. For the latest details, follow us on Instagram.

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We live by our values

The Art Hop values inform everything we do:

Immersive: more do-ing. Guests will try new things for the first time or connect with forms of art.

Unexpected and inspiring: inspire guests to make art a core part of their daily life and think differently.

Diverse voices: we demand diversity and inclusion. We are committed to amplifying the voices that have traditionally been marginalized.