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Pre-orders: Willow River Park Shirt

Pre-orders: Willow River Park Shirt

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Pre-orders are open until December 17 at 12 p.m. Orders will come in by mid-January for pick-up and shipping - check your emails!


Willow River Park is for everyone. But the space, formerly known as Victoria Park, has always belonged to the Indigenous peoples. 

Since before the early settlers, the area we know as the park was inhabited by the Chonnonton, the Haudenosaunee and the Anishinaabe. They lived on this land, and were pushed away by the impact of the German settlers, specifically the Schneider family, as they logged the land to build their homestead.

Since 2020, Land Back Camp has advocated on and for this land to become a gathering and ceremonial space. We fully support this change, and are working with @ose.kenhionhatatie to retire KWFamous’ Victoria Park shirt, and release Willow River Park shirts with ALL proceeds going to Landback Camp

We’re proud to stand with the Indigenous community, and push for change.

Designed by the incredibly talented artist Maddie Resmer of @westernskydesigns

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