The Bachelor: KW Bracket

The Bachelor: KW Bracket

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Can you predict love? Join us for our first-ever KWFamous Bachelor Bracket!!

Bracket Selections

A google form will be ready to be filled out after Episode 1. This also gives us a chance to get to know the contestants by watching the first episode! We'll send you an email with to a Google Form once it's ready.

How to select your bracket

As you narrow down your picks, things might be confusing so we suggest using a piece of paper, an Excel spreadsheet, your Notepad... whatever works for you, prior to filling out the form!! We've also created a Google Sheet you can copy that will help you fill out the form :) It's a little bit of work but you will only have to do this once as you make your selections for the entire season!


Fill out the form completely by Monday January 11th at 8pm (prior to Episode 2). Absolutely no exceptions!! The form will be available starting Tuesday January 5th.


A player is awarded points for each contestant they guess correctly moving on each week.

Subsequent episodes are worth more points. Guessing a contestant correctly in the first episode gets you one point per, while guessing the winning contestant correctly in Episode 10 is worth ten points (and so Episode 9 contestants are worth 9 points, etc.).

Weekly Updates

You’ll receive an email with the standings every week.


$10 from each ticket goes to the winning team!
Winner wins 60%, second place wins 30%, third place wins 10% of total buy in. Exact numbers will be shared once we know how many people are participating!