KWFamous Local Champion

It's like an Amazing Race, but in a Pandemic. Join our socially-distanced outdoor race and gain brand exposure from the community. Participants will be required to answer questions or solve puzzles to receive their next instructions in order to win the prestige title of Local Champion, as well as a super awesome prize that is yet to be decided.

If you are a small businesses, we'd love to have you involved! Join in by filling the form below.

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How it works for small businesses:

  • We're guiding participants around Uptown Waterloo in a socially-distanced and fun way using text message
  • We'll come up with clues to bring participants from store window to store window
  • We'll provided signage for your store window to help participants navigate through the race
  • You'll share 1-3 gift ideas for the holidays that will be used to promote / may be incorporated into the event

How it works for participants:

  • Participants will receive a text message to start the race. Once their team is at the starting location [TBD!], they will respond with “Ready” to begin! 
  • Start time and end times will be recorded - complete the race as quickly as possible to win first place ($500!) or participants can take their time, have fun, and support local businesses