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About KWFamous

Making KW famous started out as an inside joke between the organization’s two founders, but was rooted in the desire to uplift the people, places and things that made their region great.

This idea expanded into an Instagram account dedicated to highlighting the well–loved and locally famous. After gaining some local attention, KWFamous started selling merch celebrating the local, starting with the OG Otis the Swan t-shirt.

The merch blew up and with the newfound local support, KWFamous hosted its first event demonstrating how local organizations can partner in unique win-win collaborations.

Now, KWFamous is a registered not-for-profit that continues to put out merch and events big and small to celebrate the region for all that it is.


To create a sense of belonging, a community of collaboration, and KW pride through connecting arts, culture, business and fun.


To build community; to be a connector, supporter, and cornerstone of community pride; to be a catalyst for entrepreneurship; to act as a conduit for capacity; to develop the local economy; and to find and create new experiences.

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